Philip Ishola

Independent Consultant, Child Protection / Child Rights


Philip is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the human rights organisation Love146 and is the former CEO of the Counter Human Trafficking Bureau.
Philip has over 25 years’ experience working across government at central and local government levels.
In 2010 Philip was appointed by the United Kingdom Government to the newly created Independent Family Returns Panel as an independent child safeguarding advisor to the UK Home Department. A post Philip held until spring 2021.
In 2016 Philip was appointed the UK Expert Representative to the Conseil de l’Europe (Council of Europe) Group of Experts on Children’s Rights and Safeguards in the context of Migration (CAHENF-Safeguards).
Philip was also the deputy chair of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) Human Trafficking Centre Victim Care Group and member of the SOCA Child Protect Group with specific responsibility for children’s interests and welfare.
Philip maintains a strong interest in safeguarding children in need and works closely with a range of statutory and non-statutory organisations across the Member States of the Council of Europe working to improve child protective systems and ensure their rights are recognised and delivered.

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