Birgitte Beelen

Psychologin und Leiterin der Praxis SYNTAGMA (Niederlande)

Birgitte Beelen Birgitte managing director of SYNTAGMA, a practice for therapy, mediation, coaching, training and consultancy.
She started her professional career in Dutch language education and as a trainer in communication skills. Subsequently, she has graduated in organisational psychology and special education theory and has also completed post-graduates course in clinical psychology and child psychology at Groningen University. After having worked at the Child Protection Agency of the Dutch ministry of Justice, and having been Head of Treatment and Education at a juvenile penitentiary institution, she has been a manager in the public mental healthcare domain. On top of this, she is a court expert in psychology for the International Criminal Court. Having gained in-depth experience in diagnosing and treating people of all ages as well as considerable experience in high conflict cases and being specialized in treatment of psychotrauma (EMDR Practitioner Europe), Birgitte became Cross Border Mediator in 2008 and she works for IKO – International Child Abduction Centre and the NIM- European Network for Child Abduction. She also works as a trainer and supervisor to teach psychology subjects, mediation skills and mindfulness based interventions for psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, lawyers, mediators, and social workers and is frequently asked to give lectures and trainings all over Europe. Additionally, Birgitte is an active member of the NIP – Dutch Institute of Psychologists, the NVRG – Dutch Institute for Relationship & Family Therapy, the APMF– French Family Mediation Association and the MfN Dutch Mediation Federation. Mindfulness and Compassionate Living are part of her approach.

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Veranstaltung: 11. Mai – 10:30 bis 12:30 Uhr

1.11 b Das entführte Kind – Betrachtung aus psychologischer Sicht



Veranstaltung: 11. Mai – 14:00 bis 15:30 Uhr

2.11 Kindesentführung – wie hilfreich sind die vorhandenen Unterstützungsangebote für Eltern und Kinder im Entführungsfall?