Jean Ayoub

Generalsekretär ISS


With a beginning in the Red Cross as a volunteer and growing through the ranks to become operations director during the Lebanese civil war at the age of 22, Jean, an economist by education, served several field missions for the International Red Cross before relocating to Geneva in 1996 to design and manage response to worldwide disasters as director of relief and then Under Secretary General and director of operations.
In 2004 Jean went off to Paris as of director of the French Telethon (AFM) and starting 2005 operated several years as a change management consultant for both the private and the public sectors
Starting 2008, Jean is the Secretary General and CEO of the International Social Service (ISS) driving with its Governing Board and national leaders, the full transformation of the organization ahead of its 100th anniversary in 2024.

Jean has a deep understanding of the world’s humanitarian and socio-economic affairs- He has a solid organizational vision, he is s strategic thinker and vividly committed to organizational change in the digital age.
Jean is passionate about having a real role to make “our world a better place to be”, working to enable ISS to assume a substantial global role in addressing vulnerable children’s’ needs along migration routes and across borders, whether through direct case work management or through active advocacy.

His motto is “ you have not come that far to only come that far! ”

Foto: privat

Veranstaltung: 12. Mai – 9:30 bis 11:30 Uhr

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